Friday, November 16, 2007

Making Biodiesel - News headline

Updated Biodiesel Guide Provides Answers to Timely Questions - IPR Wire (press release)

Update Biodiesel guide provides answers to timely QuestionsIPR Wire (press release), CA-Nov. 14, 2007The updated guide provides four new chapters and 20-minute multimedia sequences on the latest techniques for using and making biodiesel. ...</ Pag> <hr height='1'> Biodiesel profits elusive as costs rise - Reuters

Biodiesel profits elusive as costs riseReuters-November 14, 2007By Timothy Gardner-Analysis CHICAGO (Reuters) - Profits for biodiesel from soybean U.S. are elusive because the ability To make renewable fuel has ...</ P.> <hr height='1'> Thai police beg for cooking oil to fuel fleet with biodiesel - China Post

China PostThai police to ask for fuel oil fleet with biodieselChina Post, Taiwan-November 13 2007 "Thai police in a globalized world should have a firm hand and arresting criminals guns and the other making biodiesel,"Lieutenant Colonel P. ...</> <hr height='1'> Clemson plans to build biofuel research plant - Charleston Post Courier

Clemson plans to build biofuel research plantCharleston Post Courier, SC - 5 hours agoMaking ethanol from cellulosic biomass using regional plants, such as grass, trees and sorghum is not yet commercially viable, Rigas said. ... 'Real' alternative fuels must be pushed quickly Orangeburg Times Democratall 3 articles </ p.> <hr height='1'> Class turns old cooking oil into biodiesel - Seattle Post Intelligencer

Class transforms old oil biodieselSeattle Post-Intelligencer November 3, 2007Garth Wright, 55, Everett said he and his son, Dereck, were searching for some time for biodiesel. They liked what they saw in Rudensey class. ...</ Pag> <hr height='1'> Bio-Diesel Seminar Saving People Some Green - KCRG

Bio-Diesel Seminar popular savings Some GreenKCRG, IA-17 minutes agoThe seminar includes lessons from Fugate and a complete hands-on demonstration of make Biodiesel. By the end of the day, Fugate says the class has ...</ P.> <hr height='1'> Farm Paid - Forbes

Farm PaidForbes, NY-November 15, 2007It one of the two biofuels -- L ' biodiesel is the other -- that are hyped to heaven as an alternative to fossil fuels, particularly oil. ... The biofuel scam -- and it is a 'beauty' CNET News.comall 5 articles </ p.> <hr height='1'> Germany: Mercedes-Benz SCR systems to combat high nox from biodiesel - Automotive World (subscription)

Germany: Mercedes SCR systems to combat high nox from biodieselAutomotive World (subscription), the UK-11 hours agoHe said parallel hybrid versions 7.5 and 12 tonnes Mercedes Atego chassis were at the previous stage of production, lighter version of use. .. </ Pag> <hr height='1'> Nelson making tour stop in Dothan - Dothan Eagle

Nelson to visit stop in DothanDothan Eagle, AL-12 hours agoHe came to the forefront of alternative fuels with its cooperation in the Pacific Biodiesel Texas Hillsboro, Texas, Carl's Corner Truck Stop. ...</ Pag> <hr height='1'> Biofuel funds are taking off - (press release)

Biofuel funds are taking (press release), Switzerland-November 15, 2007The the sugar market does not rise up with Strong prices oil ", which are a double edgedsword benefit sugar ethanol side, but that the cost ... big European manufacturer of ethanol hit by (press release) all 4 articles </ p.> <H height = "1"> news headlinesFree RecipesPhilippines Business DirectoryAdsense revenue sharing

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