Monday, December 31, 2007

biodiesel products - News headline

Local equipment turns grain into fuels (Prince Albert Daily Herald)

<BR> - Rob Simpson manages its business with the hopes of greater environmental awareness world. Simpson, the owner and operator of Welding Below Zero, makes equipment for turning grain into biodiesel fuels. <BR> <BR> </ P> <hr height='1'> <BR> New energy law: Ethanol debate rages over corn crops (USA Today)

- A broad energy law signed by President Bush this month calls for a significant increase in the corn-based ethanol and other biofuels to combat global warming and reduce American dependence on imported oil. But it will not be without a cost. <BR> <BR> </ P> <hr height='1'> <BR> Why the era of cheap food is over (The Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo! News)

- Food prices throughout the world hit record levels in 2006, and all indications are that will increase this year, and for the foreseeable future. <BR> <BR> </ P> <hr height='1'> <BR> Philippine Royal Oil & Alternative Energy, Inc. Officially Certified with Philippines Department of Energy Confirmed ... (Business Wire via Yahoo!7 Finance)

- Philippines Royal Alternative Energy & Oil Co., Inc. ( "PhilOil") (OTC: PROL) reports its certification by the Philippines Department of Energy has been confirmed and registered on December 28, 2007, Philippines SEC Registration No. CS200720015. <BR> <BR> </ P> <hr height='1'> <BR> Wheat prices climb to record above $10 per bushel as strong demand depletes world supply (AG Weekly)

- 12/17/07 NEW YORK - Wheat prices rose above $ bushel 10 for the first time Monday, between the concerns that strong global demand could result in a shortage of cereals in the United States next year - worsening food price inflation. <BR> <BR> </ P> <hr height='1'> Osceola farmers partner in biofuel research (Cadillac News)

<BR> - Osceola County farmers may be the key to the development of a new industry biofuels in Michigan. Farmers in Eaton and Osceola counties are participating in a research project to determine the feasibility of collecting canola in Michigan for biodiesel fuel and other products. <BR> <BR> </ P> <hr height='1'> <BR> Technology to toast and roast (Akron Beacon Journal)

- Seattle Times With the New Year upon us, our thoughts turn bubble and that was the year. <BR> <BR> </ P> <hr height='1'> <BR> Green energy funds could be headed to Jacksonville (Jacksonville Daily Record)

- A University of North Florida research group, and three other Jacksonville companies are among more than 200 candidates vying were $ 37.5 million in grant money to develop alternative energy technologies. <BR> <BR> </ P> <hr height='1'> <BR> Alternative oilseed crop potential rises in Nebraska (Tri-State Neighbor)

- LINCOLN, Neb. -- Oilseed crops and Nebraska simply sense. The production of oil seed crops such as sunflower, canola and camelina not only produce oil for human consumption, but can be used for the production of biofuels and byproducts to cattle. <BR> <BR> </ P> <hr height='1'> <BR> A year's worth of changes in 2007 (Everett Herald)

- From weather to politics, 2007 was a year of events. Here's looking back at the past 12 2008: <BR> <BR> </ P> <hr height='1'> news headlinesFree RecipesPhilippines Business DirectoryAdsense revenue sharing

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