Thursday, December 13, 2007

Making Biofuel - News headline

China checks land for biofuel on food worries (Reuters via Yahoo! Malaysia News)

<BR> - BEIJING, Dec 13-Beijing has launched an investigation into the land that can afford to use crops for biofuels between worries over food supply peaks fueled by international grain prices. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> Gilbert biofuel company gets defense contract (BizJournals)

<BR>-Gilbert biofuel innovator Diversified Energy Corp. landed a major deal, earning a U.S. Department of Defense contract for the production of renewable fuel. The agreement with the partners diversified Ohio based Velocys Inc., which specializes in processing systems. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> POET Corn Cob Ethanol Webinar Draws More Than 130 Attendees (

<BR> - BioFuel's official first webinar - "Making Ethanol from corn Cobs': attended by more than 130 people. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> Shell joins in Hawaii algae biofuels venture (Honolulu Advertiser)

<BR>-A Hawai'ia research base and strong oil giant Royal Dutch Shell PLC are forming a joint venture with the ambitious goal of developing alternative fuels based oil from algae growing on the Big Island and its conversion into a biofuel. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> New Study Profiles Biofuel Manufacturers and the Biofuels Market in Mexico (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)

<BR> - DUBLIN, Ireland ---- Research and Markets has announced the addition biofuels in Mexico for the market offers them. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> California scientists create new standard for cleaner transportation fuels (Environmental News Network)

<BR>-Davis, California-University of California experts today released their long-awaited plan to combat global warming by reducing the amount of carbon emitted when they are used for transport fuels, California. This "Low Carbon Fuel Standard", is intended to stimulate the improvement of transport technologies-fuel, should become the basis for similar initiatives in other ... <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> `White gold' windfall set to carry over to future dairy seasons (NZPA via Yahoo!Xtra News)

<BR>-Fonterra farmers, which were delivered Thursday a further windfall for their "gold white can expect the good times to keep rolling. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> Republican Presidential Debate (New York Times)

<BR>-MS. WASHBURN: We are about to begin with a discussion about the financial situation facing our country, which was the biggest problem Iowans of both parties wanted to speak. I would ask everyone briefly to answer this question, then we are going to talk more specifically. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> China, U.S. Hail Economic Talks Despite Spats (

<BR> - BEIJING - United States and Chinese officials Thursday hailed their last high-level economic as talks a success despite clear signs of differences on key policies. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> Geneticists working to make biofuel-ready trees (The Columbus Dispatch)

<BR>-It may be true that "only God can make a tree,"as the poet Joyce Kilmer wrote. But genetic engineers can fundamentally redesign. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> news headlinesFree RecipesPhilippines Business DirectoryAdsense revenue sharing

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