Saturday, January 12, 2008

Warnqvist 3/27 test successful, Biofuel, Biodiesel Kit

Customer Testimonial - Warnquist 3/27 test - for ASTM stand fuel

Take 27ml of methanol it must be at 68-70 degrees for the test( the liquids) place it in a jar then

add 3 ml of finished fuel. Shake the jar and the fuel should dissolve in the methanol. If you get any fall

out little oil droplet’s it failed. If you get no fallout it meets ASTM standard for quality fuel.

Now the one on the left the fuel was @ 97 degrees and the methanol wash@70 degrees, it failed.

I let the fuel sample cool to 69.9 degrees and it passed. No fall out hours later.


This test was done on fuel producted from a unit by Sweet Home Biofuel 866-605-6431


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